how to choose air source heat pump china factory
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how to choose air source heat pump china factory
There are often dealers or owners who ask questions about host selection. For example, "My house is 120 square meters, how big is the host?"

Such questions are of course not very "professional" and we certainly cannot answer them. Because of the factors affecting the heating heat load, it has a lot to do with the building's envelope structure, the area, the building use, and the volume.

To design the heat pump heating solution for the user, we must first understand these 15 questions.
For example, the basic conditions of the same-purpose buildings and envelopes are similar. They are located in Beijing and Hefei respectively. The calculation parameters of outdoor temperature heating are very different in calculation. Beijing is -7.6 °C and Hefei is -1.7 °C. The difference is almost 6 ° C. When the indoor temperature requirements are the same, the temperature difference will be 6 ° C. The calculated heat load is about 30% of that in Beijing. This is the difference between the different locations of the project and the different temperatures.

In addition, different volume, that is, the area, number of layers, height, etc. of the building, the energy consumption is also different, and the access may be large. For example, for example, a cell has 6 layers and 20 layers. In general, the 20-layer thermal index is smaller than the 6-layer.

Even with the same building, different usage features can vary a lot. For example, in a commercial complex, the cold index of the barbecue restaurant may be 300W/m2, while the commercial office area may be as long as 100W/m2, and the difference is three times.

Different architectural uses, in general, buildings of the same age, public buildings, such as office buildings, office buildings, heat load is larger than residential buildings. For example, the office building thermal index may be 50W/m2, but the residential building may be around 30W/m2.

These are some of the factors that affect the heat load, use, external insulation, local outdoor temperature, building area, floor height and so on. In addition, intermittent heating also has an impact on thermal indicators.

Today, we have compiled this air source heat pump heating (refrigeration) project, 15 issues that must be clarified before designing the program. Only by understanding these things can we make a scientific plan.

1 What is the minimum temperature for the calculation of the project location (regardless of the coldest week's minimum outdoor temperature)? What is the highest temperature in summer?

2 What is the total floor area of ​​the house? What is the size of each room (preferably please ask the owner for a floor plan)?

3 What is the height of each floor?

4 What is the number of people used? (required to calculate the full open rate)

5 self-built houses or commercial houses?

6 What is the structure of the wall? Is there any insulation on the exterior wall?

7 Is the window single or double glazed?

8 Which direction is the orientation of the house?

9 How long is the local heating time?

Is 10 new or retrofitted? If it is a secondary transformation, what is the original main pipe diameter?

11 What is the end of heating, floor heating? Radiator? Landing windshield?

12 If the floor heating is used, how much is the floor heating pipe diameter? If the radiator is used, what kind of material is the radiator?

13 What is the purpose of the house? How many degrees does the room temperature require? How long does it take to open every day?

14 with 220V or 380V?

15 What is the size of the main unit installation location, and the area? Can you place the buffer tank?

Finally, let's talk about host selection. Never use the rated heat of the main unit to select the unit. The heating capacity of the air source heat pump unit in winter is affected by the outdoor air temperature, humidity and the defrosting performance of the unit itself. As the indoor temperature decreases, the building's heat load also increases. At the same time, the air source heat pump is greatly affected by climatic conditions, especially when the unit is operating under frost conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the check analysis according to the actual heat supply of the air source heat pump unit, and reasonably determine the capacity of the heat pump main unit and the auxiliary heat source.

When calculating the thermal check of the main mechanism in winter, check the product sample book. For example, the engineering of a brand in Zhengzhou can be found in the actual temperature of the unit when the ambient temperature in Zhengzhou is calculated as the dry bulb temperature of the outdoor air conditioner - 6.1 ° C, the unit outlet temperature is 50 ° C, and the return water temperature difference is 5 ° C. The heating capacity is about 70-75% under the rated working conditions, that is, the heating capacity of the unit under the most unfavorable environmental conditions needs to be increased according to the location of the project to ensure the heating effect.

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