how to chosse Dryer equipment heat pump drying ?daishiba solution
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how to chosse Dryer equipment heat pump drying ?daishiba solution

However, heat pump drying is a complicated system engineering. It requires a detailed understanding of materials, products, and customer needs in order to master the scientific drying process, in order to meet the customer's drying requirements and improve the quality of the finished product. The advantage of doing. At the Wuhan Business School, the Dry Gold Instructor Hair Flat introduced in detail the nine aspects of heat pump drying that need to be done. 

First, understand customer needs

As the saying goes, knowing ourselves and knowing each other can be a battle, and the same is true for sales. Only by understanding the needs of customers can we better market our products.

The "protagonist" of heat pump drying is the material. Therefore, it is first necessary to understand what the customer needs to dry. What kind of properties does the material have? For example, if the dry material is fruit and vegetable, then the water content is large and the nutrients are easily Broken rings, colors and appearance are also prone to changes in high temperature environments and so on.

The second is the production of materials, the amount of material to be dried in a specific period of time, one day, one week, one month or one year, this is an important reference factor for the design of the drying system, affecting the size of the drying room, unit configuration, circulating air volume It is determined that many materials are seasonal, especially agricultural and sideline products. For example, most fruits are produced in summer and autumn, while food and industrial products need to consider the actual needs of customers.

The other is the drying process when using the traditional drying method. For example, if the original coal burning is used, it is necessary to know how much material is dried in the drying room, and how the drying temperature, humidity and time are. An important reference for the design of the heat pump drying system can be used to quickly grasp the drying process of materials during heat pump drying.

In addition, we also need to understand the quality requirements of the materials, because the drying quality directly determines the market value of the materials themselves, and has a direct interest relationship for the customers. For example, the appearance and appearance of the finished product, the reasonable range of water content after drying, the nutrient content and retention of the material, and so on.

Second, choose the type of host suitable for customers

After understanding the properties of drying materials and customer needs, what we need to do next is to choose the right type of host. At present, the heat pump dryers on the market are divided into low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature and ultra high temperature according to their drying temperature range:

The drying temperature of the low temperature heat pump is between 10 and 45 ° C, and the drying time is generally long and the efficiency is low;
The medium temperature heat pump drying temperature is between 45 and 65 ° C. Basically all agricultural products are suitable for drying at this temperature, and the speed, quality and efficiency can be optimized.
The high temperature heat pump drying temperature is between 65 °C and 85 °C. Some agricultural products, seafood products and industrial products must have a certain high temperature to evaporate the combined water inside the article. Then you need to choose a high temperature machine.
The ultra-high temperature heat pump drying temperature is between 85 and 105 ° C. Currently, there are few drying products of this type on the market.
The heat pump drying main machine is divided into open-loop, closed-loop, open-loop heat recovery and closed-loop out-of-band evaporator (dual energy) according to the source of its heat, and can be divided into an integrated machine and a split machine according to its structure. The properties and quality requirements of the material determine which unit of temperature is selected. At present, the drying unit of some manufacturers can adjust the temperature range widely. When selecting, it is necessary to understand the performance parameters in detail; the ambient temperature of the customer project location, drying Seasonal and material drying requirements are important reference factors for selecting open or closed loop, with heat recovery or for out-of-band evaporator units, which have a great impact on the overall system operation and material drying quality.

The master said: The heat pump drying project is very complicated. If you want to do well, you need to divide it into nine steps.
The choice of one machine or split machine is determined by the amount of material to be dried. Because the quantity of materials that are dried at one time is limited, it is necessary to refer to the material drying production requirements and long-term planning. In the case of a large amount of material drying or more than drying a certain material, it is best to choose a split machine to build a suitable drying room.

Third, choose the ideal host brand

At present, more and more enterprises in the industry have the production and sales of drying equipment. The brand strength, product quality and after-sales ability are uneven. Therefore, the choice of the host brand is particularly important.

The master said: The heat pump drying project is very complicated. If you want to do well, you need to divide it into nine steps.
The heat pump drying mainframe brand also has an important influence on the promotion of dealers. It is the basis for laying the core competitiveness. On the one hand, it can bring great brand influence and guarantee the quality of products; on the other hand, it can control the pre-sales and after-sales costs. Because the support policies and after-sales strength of different brands are different. If you choose a equipment supplier with a case study of drying engineering experience, you can let the dealers "do less detours."

So, what factors need to be investigated when choosing a host brand?

First, the license is complete, and the licenses and certifications of relevant government departments, such as production licenses, financial registration certificates, business licenses, etc., are obtained;
The second is management practices, including production management, market management, dealer management and order management;
The third is the production and testing equipment, which is an entity with production capacity and qualifications;
Fourth, the quality management system is sound, the product quality is good, and the failure rate is low;
The fifth is to have their own core technology, have their own research and development team, and strong innovation ability;
Sixth, the delivery period is short and there is a reasonable equipment inventory plan;
Seventh, the company's management is not inconsistent with the rules, not blindly arrogant, able to keep pace with the times, modest and prudent, learn from the dealer's practical experience, and at the same time have a sense of quality;
In addition, it is best to have years of experience in the production of drying equipment or a professional drying team to do technical support.

Fourth, match the host model

After selecting the unit type and host brand, the next step is to match the appropriate host model according to the actual needs of the customer. These factors usually need to be considered:

Processing batch, that is, the quantity and batch of material drying;
The moisture content of the material, the initial water content of different materials is not the same, the dryness requirements of the finished product are also different, the amount of water removal determines the heat required for drying, and then determines the size configuration of the host;
The drying cycle, that is, the time required for a drying operation, the drying cycle and the amount of material drying determine the number of hosts and hosts that are selected;
The material characteristics, the volume and shape of the material have an important influence on the size of the drying room and the number of single drying, and it is also one of the important reference factors for the host matching;
The customer's investment ability, that is, how much the customer is willing to spend to build the drying system, the price of the different models of the host is not the same, the cost of the drying room is not the same. If the customer's investment amount is small, then you can consider extending the drying time or Increase the number of drying times;
The drying method includes three types: static room, tunnel type and assembly line. This needs to be determined according to the material properties, the dry quantity and the actual situation of the customer, and also determines the number and size of the host;
Circulating wind mode, different circulating wind modes have different drying speeds and effects for different materials, which will also affect the configuration of the main engine. For example, the drying of suspended materials is more suitable for through-flow type. It may be necessary to increase the configuration of the host.
Five, scientific and perfect drying control system

The key to the heat pump drying system is the grasp of the drying process, which is also the main factor affecting the quality of the drying and the customer's own interests, and is also the main problem faced by the dealers.

The master said: The heat pump drying project is very complicated. If you want to do well, you need to divide it into nine steps.
Generally speaking, material drying includes two modes: constant temperature and humidity timing and drying curve. Some materials with low drying requirements and low material value are mostly in constant temperature and humidity timing mode, and most materials need reasonable control at different stages. Dry the temperature and humidity curve to ensure the quality of the finished product is excellent.

In the case of low ambient temperature, insufficient host configuration or excessive dehumidification, reasonable control of electric heating is particularly important to meet the heating requirements of special time periods, such as the peak water output period; in addition, in the heat pump drying equipment In the event of a fault, electrical heating can provide a good emergency backup effect.

Dehumidification requires dehumidification, so the control of the external fan is also very important. If the dehumidification is not timely, the formation of anti-sweat water may affect the phase and color of the material, especially the open-loop drying system. Meet the maximum moisture demand in the drying room.

The closed dehumidification system takes into account the fact that some materials have a high water discharge rate, and it is also necessary to configure the exhaust fan. When the dehumidification capacity of the equipment is insufficient, it is necessary to control it according to the actual situation. Another thing to note is that the optimal control of the electronic expansion valve not only prevents the adverse effect on the system performance due to the increase of the exhaust gas temperature, but also saves costs and improves the working efficiency of the equipment.

Sixth, reasonable drying room design

The drying room design has a non-negligible influence on the energy saving of the system and the dry quality of the material. The uniform circulation air and the appropriate air volume are the basic requirements for the design of the drying room. The air volume is not enough, the material can't be dried within the set time, and it is likely to deteriorate due to the long drying time. If the air volume is too large and the drying speed is too fast, it will lead to discoloration of materials, loss of nutrients, etc., and may also affect the placement of the materials themselves. The uniform circulation air ensures that the material evaporates in a slow and uniform environment, ensuring the uniformity of drying of the materials in the entire drying room.

In the process of heat pump drying, the properties of different materials are very different, and the choice of baking rack and material placement tray is different. The material rack should be based on the drying material, the size of the drying room, the drying amount and the customer. The actual situation can be selected, and the material tray can be customized by the reasonable calculation of the corresponding product or the size provided to the material rack manufacturer. The selection of the material tray requires the properties of the integrated material and the design of the drying room air duct.

Seven, do a good job in the commissioning and status evaluation of new equipment

To do the heat pump drying, we must insist that the customer is God. If the sales and installation tasks cannot be completed, the equipment needs to be debugged after the installation of the drying system is completed, so that the system enters an optimal working state, so as to prevent the customer from baking for the first time. Problems occur in dry work, causing unnecessary losses. In the drying and debugging process, firstly according to the equipment debugging standards provided by the manufacturer, such as voltage, current requirements and operating environment temperature requirements.

Secondly, it is necessary to judge whether the newly installed equipment is in a reasonable range according to the actual operation conditions in the debugging process, such as temperature and humidity change, material moisture content and appearance color change, actual power consumption and the like. In the debugging process, the relevant data needs to be recorded in detail, and compared with the various indicators in the design of the scheme. When the debugging result basically meets the design requirements, the equipment can be delivered to the customer.

Eight, develop a reasonable drying process requirements

Heat pump drying is a new thing for many customers, so dealers need to teach them hand-to-hand, to ensure the energy-saving of the system under the premise of reaching a dry destination, then the dealer needs to develop a scientific drying process. The process requirements of different materials are different. Under the premise of understanding the material properties, drying quantity, material dewatering amount, drying cycle and other factors, select the appropriate host type and dry test with reference to the traditional drying process. .

Scientific and rational drying processes often require multiple tests, and each test is based on recorded data to make targeted adjustments to the system. It should be noted that many dealers may have done the same or similar materials before contacting the customer. Perhaps they have mastered the technical requirements of the material, and it is easy to generate self-confidence. In fact, there is a risk. Because the properties of the same product in different regions may be different, the drying requirements of different customers may also be different, so it is necessary to formulate the drying process according to the actual situation of the customer.

Nine, the evaluation of the drying results improved and improved

Heat pump drying is a gradual process. It can only be developed continuously through continuous experience accumulation and summarization. If the project is completed and the customer is satisfied, it does not mean that the work is over. If you stop here, you want to get long-term development. It is very difficult.

After the project is run, a reasonable evaluation of the results of the drying should be carried out, mainly including these two aspects:

First, the quality of the product, such as the appearance, color, and even the content of nutrients, look at what is different from the traditional dry way products, where there have been certain changes, and where needs to be upgraded, this can also be promoted in the future. An important means is to convince customers to use heat pump drying through quality improvement.
The second is the operating cost, that is, what is the change in the operating cost compared to the traditional drying mode, how much is reduced, whether it can be reduced by the optimization of the system, etc., which directly affects the customer's own interests, if it can reduce the operation as much as possible Cost can be of great help in winning customer trust and post-promotion.

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