heat pump dryer for fruit and vegetable daishiba solution
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heat pump dryer for fruit and vegetable

Air source heat pump drying involves all aspects. First, the hardware (ie, the product) must keep up, and then the process is processed, from the planning and design of the project to the calculation of heat and air volume, to the understanding of material properties and the organization of production and engineering. Construction, as well as guiding training and after-sales service, etc., one link is not considered well, and once the project is messed up, it will be very costly. Therefore, the preliminary investigation of the project is particularly important, and must be considered in combination with the characteristics of the material, the amount of drying, the site, electricity, drying requirements and other factors.

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Basic information about the project should be fully understood

Understanding the basic information of the project is the first step of the investigation and is the prerequisite for the follow-up work, including the customer's name, customer's contact information, location, installation site, processing season, starting month, available power load, etc. Can be communicated with customers or on-site inspections. Only knowing this information can carry out the design of the project and the quotation of the project. The customer's name and contact information are the first to know, otherwise there is no way to negotiate and communicate. The climate in the north and the south is very different, and the environmental conditions of the equipment operation are different, which will have an impact on the selection of equipment and the stability of operation. The seasons in which the drying operation is carried out will also have an impact on the system design. The winter temperature is low, the air humidity is small, and the summer temperature is high and the humidity is high. Knowing the starting month is to avoid differences in quality or operating costs during the entire drying season, taking into account the configuration of the unit at the lowest temperature. For example, many food and industrial products are run all year round. If the project is installed in the summer, the temperature of the winter must be taken into consideration when the main unit is configured, even the extreme weather.

In addition, some objective conditions need to be considered, such as the project installation site. The drying room needs to be built in a flat and open place. Can the customer provide such a site, otherwise it needs to be relocated. Heat pump drying of agricultural products is a major application area, and many rural areas do not have 380V electricity. If you design a system with a 6P machine, the power load can not be met at the time of final installation, and the customer is required to apply to the power department temporarily. Not only will the time be delayed, but the customer will not necessarily be willing to spend the money, so that the work done in the past is equivalent to doing nothing.

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The original drying method data can be used as an important reference

As a new type of drying method, heat pump drying has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection compared with the original drying methods such as natural drying and burning coal and fuel oil. The essence is the replacement of heat source form, and the purpose is still to remove the moisture inside the material. Therefore, the data of the original drying method can be used as an important reference for the design of the later scheme.

For example, the method of natural drying, the water content of the material itself, the water content after drying, the appearance and quality of the finished product after drying... After understanding this information, the amount of dewatering can be calculated according to the quantity of the material. , to carry out reasonable unit selection. If the original use of coal-fired drying, then the initial investment cost of coal-fired drying, what is the drying time, the temperature requirements and humidity requirements, the amount of materials once dried, the operating costs, etc. These are all we need to understand. Even if we have done this kind of material drying before, we can use these data as a reference for the design of the project to reduce the workload in the later period.

In addition, to understand the data of the original drying method, you can also compare the experience or test data, highlight the advantages of air energy through the comparison of various indicators, and then better convince customers to accept your plan. For example, the original customer used electric drying tea, one time baking 1000 kg of tea consumes more than 30 degrees per hour, while using heat pump drying less than 10 degrees per hour, then the operating cost is one that allows customers to accept the heat pump drying program. Key factor.

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Material drying quantity and basic properties are the basis of system design

The main body of the heat pump drying is the material, so the understanding of this subject must be detailed. The material name, volume, picture, daily average output, maximum and minimum output are the important basis for the construction of the post-drying house. The size of the drying room and the material rack The choice of the design and the design of the air duct are all based on these data. If you only know the average daily output, follow the data to design the drying room, but when the drying demand is the maximum daily output, then the drying room can not meet the customer's daily drying demand, only by increasing the drying The number of times to solve, then this will bring losses to customers.

Wet material weight, dry material weight, dry-wet ratio, etc. are necessary factors for host selection and system design. Only by knowing these data can we calculate the amount of dewatering for drying, so that we can give me scientific and reasonable results. The solution is to improve the drying quality and reduce the running cost. Sometimes the customer will provide this information, but in many cases, the customer needs to test or consult an experienced industry person.

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Drying process requirements are the guarantee of finished product quality

Drying room construction and system design and installation are the basis of heat pump drying, and the key lies in the drying process, because many of the drying materials themselves have greater value, such as Chinese herbal medicines, wood, etc. The failure to cause drying has not only caused huge losses to customers, but even caused you to suffer heavy losses.

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